We specialize in the metal fabrication of specialty and standard equipment.


Our highly experienced industrial staff will take pride in servicing a variety of maintenance needs in a multitude of industries, safely and competitively.

New Installation

Fully trained and experienced personnel will take your project to the next level on time, within budget and with a fantastic safety record.

Machine Installation

We will work to achieve a safe and a quality installation on time and without incident for your machine installation project.

Engineering Services

From concept to reality we can provide the design, engineering and manufacture of your equipment or industrial system.

Outage Services

Utilizing our safe work practices our entire team will provide full scope outage services dedicated to returning your plant back into service.


From small building owners to global companies we can diagnose and solve most building and machine automation needs for the proper retrofit to bring a cost effective improvement to your organization.

Industrial Air Handling / Pollution Control

S & A Company can assist with the design and fabrication of your industrial air handling system.

Sand Distribution

Our experienced staff in multiple industries is perfect for the custom engineered sand distribution systems we provide for these demanding industries.

Industrial Design

Our fabrication experience and thorough knowledge of industrial manufacturing will take your project from an idea to job completion.

Sheet Metal Design
Industrial Design
Process Piping
Structural Steel Install
Stretch Steel Fabrication

Field Services

S & A Company offers a wide variety of field services that will meet your needs. We understand field installations and that things need to be completed on time and on budget. The majority of our services developed out of need for our customers. Over the years of fabrication and installation, our customers found value in working with our company so when they had a need, and if it was within our core competencies we made the service happen.